Frequently Asked Questions

How Will Therapy Help Me?

We are often so busy in our day to day lives that we forget to pause and simply give space for our hurt. Giving yourself this space and talking through your concerns with a neutral individual, who has no agenda for you other than for you to feel your best, can be helpful in your healing journey.  This allows for new ways of thinking to be created which will support growth and help bring clarity to what steps need to happen next. 

How Long Will Therapy Take?

The duration of therapy is impossible to predict. Our goal is for you to feel unstuck and like you are able to move along in life in the way you wish to.  We will work hard to support this process in the most efficient way possible.  We will be sure to talk about progress along the way. 

How Do I Know if My Therapist is a Good Fit?

The fit between you and your therapist is the most important variable determining the effectiveness of therapy.  We strongly encourage you to trust your gut on whether your therapist is a good fit as only you can know this.  A good fit in a therapist should allow you to feel you can trust your therapist to hear your truths and not judge, provide you with new perspectives and ideas on the situation, provide you skills and genuinely care about seeing you grow.  Many therapists have different styles, and you have the right to decide if a style is a good fit as well.   Seeing a therapist is a courageous move and should always be about you and what you need.

Are You a Therapist Who Immediately Suggests Medication?

During our work together, if at any point we feel medication may support your growth we see it as our duty to provide you that information.  That being said, we in no way hold a belief that every therapy client will benefit from medication and am far from a “med pusher” in philosophy.  We also will very much respect all individual’s personal choice on their medication usage.

What Should I Tell my Kids About Therapy?

Children will feed off their parents’ reactions so try to keep it light and send a message that therapy will be fun and helpful!  We want children’s first therapeutic experiences to set a solid foundation for mental health in the future.  Some of the following statements may be helpful:

I met with your therapist today.  She is a feelings doctor for kids, and she wants to meet you and learn about your feelings!”

“My therapist helps a lot of kids with ____________and I am excited for us all to learn how to help you with ____________”

“Our therapist is going to help us as a family learn how to work together better”

“Your therapist has lot’s of toys and art stuff so you are not going to just sit and talk”

Many children benefit from hearing the schedule of how sessions will go and may have some more specific questions.  When we work with children, the first session is always with parents only and we can cover any questions your child may have, and we will support you in answering them.

Where Does the Name "Vibrations" Come From?

It is our strong belief that as we do our own healing, we send those healing vibrations out into the world for others to receive.  We ar honored to be a part of these vibrations.